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Tip of the day: Smart phone thread list!

Aha! I found another handy sewing use for my smart phone.

A thread list!

I’m told that the Fancy Damn Sewing Machine (a Viking Husqvarna Sapphire 830) is a snob when it comes to thread. I don’t know if it really makes a difference, but I put premium in my car ’cause I’m supposed to, so I use Gütermann in the Viking.

Thus, all my previous Coats and Clark was rendered somewhat useless. (Well not entirely. I keep it for the old Kenmore.) And my good thread collection is small and rather manageable.

The other day, I was struck by inspiration: Since I only use the one brand (JoAnn’s carries it, so it’s easy to find), why don’t I just list every color number I have and the approximate amount (in broad terms such as “plenty” “a little” and “TONS”) in my phone in a simple notes app!

This is the fancy NoteMaster app, but any note app would work.


I picked up some fabric on Friday. When I took it over to the thread display and cross-referenced against my handy-dandy thread list, I determined that I already had plenty of color 506 that would work. I didn’t need to buy more. I just need to remember to update the list as I use thread.

Just one more reason to love my smart phone.

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