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Why my serger and I no longer speak

I can use a serger. Honest. I took a full semester class at the local junior college learning how to use that darn thing. I can thread it, turn beautiful corners with it and make cool-looking home dec fringe on it.

And still we can’t work out our differences.

The last time I tried to use it, I would thread it, it would sew beautifully for 4 inches, then it would make horrifying kachunk noises and jam up. Over and over again. I am convinced it is not my fault. I have 3 semester units that say so. I think the timing is off. I’ve had the serger for 17 years, and it has never been serviced. But then, it’s barely been used.

Regardless, I got so frustrated during this incident that I had a crazy thought: What if I tossed it out the window and never used it again? Well, the broken-window-for-no-good-reason part sounded crazy, but the never-use-the-serger-again part? That sounded, well, absolutely liberating!

The Fancy Damn Sewing Machine has a straight stitch for knits. It also has a nice overcast stitch. It doesn’t trim for me, but is that so much to give up to eliminate a considerable amount of frustration from my life?

Right now, I am a one-machine seamstress. And monogamy feels really good.

So, my serger and I have ended our relationship. Said serger remains in its trolley case in the back of the closet, in case I ever decide it has learned its lesson and deserves a second chance.

Meanwhile, we are no longer on speaking terms. And I don’t miss the cussing at all.

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