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New apron with 1930s-style fabric

I have another new apron. This one was made from a reproduction 1930s print fabric I bought at my local quilting fabric store, Country Sewing Center.

Here is the before:

Butterick 6567 was already in my stash. I bought a reproduction 1930s quilt fabric to make it.

The Butterick pattern is out of stock. I made View A, the one in the big photo in the middle of the pattern envelope.

This apron had a bit of a weird construction technique with the straps that go from the front waistband over the shoulder to the back waistband. They are edged in double-fold bias tape and then lapped over the middle bodice piece and back horizontal strap and sewn from the right side. Since I had a little problem using pinking shears on lapped seams after I sewed them with the last apron, I pinked the edges before sewing this time around. Much smarter.

Here’s my new apron on Gene:

How cute is this apron? The pocket, just like on the last apron, is too small to be useful, but it looks good.

How cute is this apron? The pocket can’t hold much besides a cell phone, but it looks good. Gene is in my kitchen, in front of my baking cart.

And from the back:

The horizontal strap keeps the apron from slipping off the shoulders.

I like that the ties are double-layered; the wrong side doesn’t show. (Gene is wearing a cotton blouse and linen skirt I made last year.)

I’ve been using the other apron I made, and it is so cheerful. I like a LOT of color in my kitchen, so both my new aprons make me happy-happy.

Since I always leave my latest completed project on Gene the Dress Form until I need her for the next project, I won’t be using the new apron for a few days.

Up next, a tunic!

Another vintage-style apron in the works

Making a vintage-style apron was so rewarding that I am jumping right into making another one. This time I’m using Butterick 6567 (out of print), View A.

Butterick 6567 was already in my stash. I bought a reproduction 1930s quilt fabric to make it.

Butterick 6567 was already in my stash. I bought a reproduction 1930s print quilting fabric to make it.

Here’s a better look at View A:

Note the bias tape everywhere.

Note the narrow bias tape everywhere.

The pattern calls for making 7 yards of 1/4-inch double-fold bias tape from scratch. Well, that’s just too skinny a fold to try to press when 1/4-inch bias tape is readily available. When I got to the store, I decided it looked like the fabric could pull out of those skinny little seam allowances pretty easily, so I opted for the 1/2-inch double-fold bias tape.

Even though this pattern has a bodice of sorts, I’m not bothering with any sort of full-bust adjustment. We’ll see how that goes.

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