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Look for my tips in Threads magazine!

I just got a letter notifying me that Threads magazine is going to publish two of my tips in issue #165!

So exciting!

Snipping the curves of life

I was dutifully snipping the curves of a convex edge the other day, watching the fabric release so it could easily be joined to a concave edge right along the seamline. Just releasing a little tension at the fabric edge made the pieces join effortlessly.

My life is a tad more stressful than usual at the moment. I began to wonder what curves — obligations, self-imposed deadlines, items on the to-do list — I could snip to give me just enough breathing room to get through my days with a little less tension. I’m still trying to figure that out.

Thought for the day: What curved edges can you snip in your life, and why aren’t you doing it?

The cutest sewing teapot ever

It pays to have friends who troll eBay regularly. A friend spotted a teapot that could have been custom made just for me. She and two other friends went in on it as a surprise. It’s not even my birthday.

Dress form teapot with pearls

It's a teapot. It's a dress form. It's wearing pearls, for heaven's sake!

It was love at first sight. Thanks, Ladies. You are the BEST!

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