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Interested in vintage?

If you are interested in vintage, but don’t know where to start or are at all intimidated, read these two wonderful posts from Ladies who are Livin’ la Vida Vintage:

Tuppence Ha’penny: So you want to do vintage?


Diary of a Vintage Girl: Going against the flow

The bottom line from these two lovely ladies: If you have any interest at all, just go for it. Wear as much or as little vintage as you like. Mix your decades and your influences. There are no rules except having fun.

There is no wrong way to do vintage.

Mad Men at work Halloween gallery

As I mentioned previously, the Marketing and Communications Department I work in decided to dress Mad Men style for Halloween. Since I already had a retro outfit in progress, I made sure to finish it in time and wore that. Others needed only to buy a few touches (fedoras and skinny ties) or raid mom’s closet (dresses). For many of the ladies, an updo was all they needed. Everyone looked stylish and elegant and completely work appropriate — cigarettes and martinis not withstanding! Obviously, the styles of the early 1960s hold up beautifully. Presenting, my delightful coworkers …

Courtney and Kim

Molly and Justin


Ann and Heidi

Molly, Blake, Kim and Brian

Justin, Deborah and Blake

Jessica and Jenaé

And yours truly! Have you seen The Help? I have a little Hilly Holbrook thing going on with these pastels and the hair band, don't you think?

Can you tell we’re a fun group?

Mad Men Halloween

I work in a Marketing and Communications Department at a company that always celebrates Halloween. Today, when we discussed our plans for the day, a couple of men in our department suggested that our theme be Mad Men. Wait, what? The boys suggested a theme that requires them to wear suits and encourages the girls to do some vintage shopping? How fab is that?

This gives me a great incentive to finish my coral polka dot outfit. I was thinking the 1940s skirt and 1950s top combo might be a little off-era, but then I did some Internet research and found a photo of Peggy from Mad Men wearing something very similar to my plan.

I think my outfit will work just fine for 1962. Now, the boys have to find skinny ties and tidy pocket squares. And we’re all going to be “smoking” candy cigarettes and drinking “mocktails.”

This might even be better than the year we did vintage TV, and I brought in my heels, pearls and vacuum cleaner to get in touch with my inner June Cleaver.

It will definitely be better than the year we did Caddyshack, and I was a giant dancing gopher.

Man about town

In Downtown Sacramento today, I saw a youngish man walk into a coffee house wearing a jacket, tie and micro brim fedora. In this town, men in fedoras are not unheard of, but they were a little more common during the Willie Brown era. The man I saw today was not particularly tall or handsome, but the hat gave him a presence he wouldn’t have otherwise had. Although the micro brim isn’t my favorite, I would like to see real hats make a comeback in men’s fashion.

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