Sew Liberated’s Schoolhouse Tunic was a bust for my full bust

I had high hopes that I could translate all my recent experience in fitting my bust into a version of Sew Liberated’s Schoolhouse Tunic that would NOT look like a maternity top.

Alas, either my skills are not yet up to snuff, or this pattern was not a great choice for my figure. Probably both.

But I did try out some new techniques on my muslin that I’m eager to use again.

First up, this is how far I had progressed when I decided to call it quits:

Ugh. My attempt at a full-bust adjustment screwed up the proportions of this pattern.

Ugh. My attempt at a full-bust adjustment screwed up the proportions of this pattern. I had to lengthen the part above the bust seam to lower the bust point. I also opted for gathers instead of a dart, which was a mistake.

I thought of soldiering on, but I came to the conclusion that a seam just below the bust will not work on my figure unless the area below the seam is fitted, which is not the case with this pattern. So disappointing! It’s such a cute pattern.

The “muslin” was half of an old sheet. At least I think it was a sheet no longer in use. I couldn’t find any holes or stains or other signs of being worn out, but it was near my fabric stash, so I think I had relegated it to the “use for a muslin” pile. Too late now! I still have half the sheet to use for something else.

Although the tunic didn’t work out, I do think my idea to reverse the placket to the front was a good one.

I think my idea to reverse the placket was a winner.

The placket looks really good, anyway. Small victories.

Oh well, the good news is I tried a flat-felled seam for the first time, and I love the technique!

I want to make a shirt for my husband (the sleeves on ready-to-wear are always too long for him), so I investigated the shirts in his closet. Flat-felled seams everywhere! I thought I’d better try one before I make him a shirt.

And so I did. And it was awesome!

I am thrilled with how my first attempt at flat-felled seams came out.

This seam looks good both inside and out, although I may lengthen the stitch when I make my husband’s shirt.

You may also have noticed the embroidery on my muslin. I have an embroidery machine that I barely use. I remembered why when I used it for this project. The machine is in such an awkward spot in my sewing area that it’s very uncomfortable to use. I need to relocate it because it has so many possibilities for garment sewing. Here’s a closeup at the embroidery I picked from the designs already on my machine:

I finally tried using my embroidery machine on a garment.

With all the files out on the Internet for purchase, the options are limitless for enhancing a garment with machine embroidery.

So that is the sad story of my attempt to make Sew Liberated’s Schoolhouse Tunic. But I’m very excited for my next sewing project. And since it’s a different version of a pattern I’ve already successfully fitted, it should be a winner.

Note: Sew Liberated was kind enough to offer me a free pattern after I made their Clara Dress, which I love. I chose the Schoolhouse Tunic, and all the opinions here are mine.


One thought on “Sew Liberated’s Schoolhouse Tunic was a bust for my full bust

  1. Jeannie Grandma November 11, 2014 at 9:17 am Reply

    So sorry about that, I had lots of failures too. My regret about such experiences was that I wasted some of m ymost loved material stashes. Jeannie


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