Variation on New Look 0134

This white top came together really quickly, but not as quickly as I had imagined.

I thought I could finish in a day, maybe two. Sadly, I think it was more like four, but I did a lot of hand sewing.

This is my second time with this pattern. The first time, the bust dart was in the wrong spot (overzealous alteration of the pattern). This time, I put the dart in the proper spot, lengthened the top 2 inches and tried the tuck variation and a different sleeve.

I ended up with a well-fitting basic top, as you can see:

Look, the dart's in the correct spot!

Look, the dart’s in the correct spot! Photo by Robert the Husband.

With the tucks in the bodice and at the top of the sleeves, it’s a little sweet looking for someone my age, but I like that it fits so well. I’ll probably make more variations. The only thing I’ll do differently will be to add double-ended darts to the front. I didn’t do it with this one because darts are so easy to see in a white blouse.

On the dress form, you can really see.

Here’s a good look at the finished top on Gene.

And the back.

The back darts are very obvious on a burgundy dress form.

The back darts are very obvious on Gene.

My last four sewing projects have involved making two patterns twice. I am ready to move on to something new, and I will as soon as I finish the big editing project I’m working on. Here’s the mood board for the next project:

I'm making the view on the left, but with a longer skirt. I've found that I like a 30-inch skirt.

The coral fabric is a cotton lawn from JoAnn’s. I’m making the view on the left, but with a longer skirt.

All the fashion “experts” say wrap dresses are super flattering. Well, I guess I’ll see. I think doing a full bust adjustment will be straightforward. I’m going to trace the pattern, make my usual adjustments, then make a muslin and see if it fits.

It’s still in the upper 80s in Northern California and likely will be for several more weeks, so I still have time to finish and wear this warm-weather dress. I think it will be the last one for a while, however.

I’ll be wanting to make a chambray shirtdress next. With white topstitching and faux horn buttons, it can easily go deep into fall with boots and a cardigan.

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3 thoughts on “Variation on New Look 0134

  1. melissa banczak September 19, 2013 at 12:09 pm Reply

    Love this shirt , it looks really comfortable, but don’t photograph white outfits against a white background. It’s hard to see!


    • Jeanne Marie September 19, 2013 at 10:25 pm Reply

      All out of empty walls! When I get my sewing studio …


  2. […] like that the ties are double-layered; the wrong side doesn’t show. (Gene is wearing a cotton blouse and linen skirt I made last […]


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