Why you will NEVER look as good as celebrities in clothes. Ever.

A friend passed along this link to a post at Lindsay’s “Whatever, etc.” blog:


It is an important blog post to read if:

  • You have ever looked in a dressing room mirror and felt bad about yourself.
  • You have ever looked at a celebrity in a magazine and felt bad about yourself
  • You have ever been in the middle of extensive pattern alterations and felt bad about yourself.
  • You have a daughter.

Please note: The language is a little raw, but the message is important.

I will be sharing it with my 8th grade Girl Scout troop tomorrow as they work on a project related to body image.

Thanks to my friend for sending the link.



2 thoughts on “Why you will NEVER look as good as celebrities in clothes. Ever.

  1. Corinne January 6, 2012 at 5:50 am Reply

    Well, thank you so much for this. Of course they do this, why didn’t I think of it? In print media you expect the photo-shop process, but we all know that our custom made clothing always fit better. Nothing off the rack is right. I bought some RTW this season because I just didn’t have time to sew clothing. NOTHING fits properly. 1/2 of the items went back, everything has to be altered, some things totally deconstructed and rebuilt. I should have just done it myself. Probably my biggest peeve is a pair of “knit” jeans from a high end rtw. They are knit because they have more lycra than the typical 2%. After about 1 hour of wear, these things actually slide right down my bottom. That is not an easy thing to do, let me tell you. They are huge! Because they were so expensive i will probably tear them apart and attempt a re-build. I should just return them, but I like them. I hope that you are able to impart to your scouts how superficial fashion can be and guide them to sew or at least learn to alter they own clothes.


  2. Jeanne Marie January 6, 2012 at 9:46 pm Reply

    Except for length, pants haven’t really been much of a problem for me. And because they are all made to wear with 4-inch heels these days, I can find them long enough to fit me in one- or two-inch heels. But blouses! I own three store-bought woven blouses. And I just made two. I have long arms, shoulders and a bust, so bracelet length knit tops and sweaters are my uniform (or long sleeve sweaters in tall sizes from JCPenney). I plan to sew a lot of woven tops this year. Knits are so important now. For many of us, that’s the only way to purchase clothes that fit and flatter.


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