Still working out my bust issues

As I decided to do the other day, I made my length adjustments to the Sencha front and back.

The overall length was an inch shorter than I prefer, and the front was riding up a good inch. Observe:

Does the front look an inch shorter to you? No? Then you're smarter than I am. Keep reading.

So I made the adjustments like so:

I added an inch in overall length to both the front and the back, which you can see going through the darts. At the bust point, I added another inch, with a corresponding dart at the side seam, to solve the riding-up problem. Or so I thought.

Dangit! It turns out it was riding up closer to two inches. Observe:

Oops, one inch longer for the bust wasn't enough! Maybe I should have actually measured instead of eyeballing it. Grrr.

I’m happy with the back length, but the front length clearly needs to be longer. I was going to let it go, but NO! This year is about doing it right.

Time to regroup, put in another inch and make the dart deeper. Sigh.

Small setback.

At least during this whole process, Sewing Assistant Teacup was well-behaved:

Gratuitous photo of a cute cat who is NOT on top of my pattern, for a change.

Back to the drawing board for me.

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