OK, so I’m not going to be Chanel anytime soon

Claire Shaeffer’s Couture Sewing Techniques arrived in the mail today, so I started to skim through it, picking some areas to read thoroughly.

After spending about an hour with it, I can say that I feel completely overwhelmed and unworthy. It made my head hurt! There are serious couture techniques in this book. And I don’t mean what passes for “couture” in this country. I mean the French-certified, hours-of-hand-sewing “Couture” as practiced by the very few designers who have earned the right to that label.

I’m just a humble suburban home sewer!

OK, time to regroup. I think I’ll put this book down for a while and go back to my little 1940s skirt project that’s still in the muslin stage so I can feel good about myself again. When I’m ready to pick this book back up, I’ll look for small bits of couture technique that I can incorporate into my own projects.

But I don’t think hand overcasting seam allowances is going to be one of them.


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One thought on “OK, so I’m not going to be Chanel anytime soon

  1. Corinne August 3, 2011 at 6:45 am Reply

    I know how you feel when it comes to couture, however, consider this a journey. With each item you sew you will learn and try new techniques. I just started quilting a few years ago and I am surrounded by Master Quilters. I am talking about national award winners here. Talk about humbled! Most of these ladies are giving and sharing and teach every time when I am with them. I am getting better with each quilt. Garment sewing is the same, study the techniques then perhaps try the method on a muslin tester. I haven’t made bound button-holes for a while and I will need to make some mock-ups again before I cut into the good stuff. Right now though I would rather quilt! Good luck. I am going to retrieve my book and take a look again.


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